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Solutions Spotlight Virtual Tour 2020

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November 2020
IGEL Partner In South Florida

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EUC Security with the IGEL OS

Special Guest Speaker: Doug Brown, VP of Community at IGEL

Doug Brown

This month Forthright shines the spotlight on endpoint security with IGEL’s OS. Find out how you can get simple, smart, and secure access to virtual apps/desktops and cloud workspaces with IGEL. Turn almost any device into a secure endpoint with confidence that the core operating system on those endpoint devices will not been compromised. The IGEL OS is a gamechanger for your endpoints and the benefits include…

  • Hardware agnostic and customizable
  • Easy on the budget and east to use
  • Enterprise level security and protection

Join us on Nov. 18th for a chat with Doug Brown and the IGEL team about why your business could benefit from deploying IGEL OS!

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