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The Guidance You Need to Make Every IT Initiative Successful

You wouldn’t start building a house without having all of your requirements designed, planned out, and ready to go, right? Well, your information technology infrastructure is similar. Many organizations adopt technology and charge forward without understanding what they’re building or the criteria for success beforehand. Therefore, reliable strategic IT consulting and planning will definitely help your business avoid: 

  • Investments that don’t give you the return you were expecting
  • Interoperability or configuration issues that make your environment less cohesive
  • Security gaps and/or vulnerabilities that have been overlooked 
  • Unnecessary downtime with constant issues occurring throughout the project 

Whenever you’re taking on a new information technology initiative, it’s vital to ensure you’re properly planning, managing, and budgeting for the entire project and/or solution. Your overall business goals and/or objectives must be considered before starting any sort of project so you can ensure you’re making a change that benefits you now – and into the future. 

IT Consulting & IT Management

Strategic IT Consulting & IT Management For Organizations Across the United States

PlanIT: a range of services that lead to more successful initiative outcomes.

We offer a range of services designed to provide guidance and fill knowledge gaps in the planning and management of complex IT initiatives. Our clients can rest assured knowing they’re prepared well in advance as we help them assess their requirements, drivers, priorities, risk factors, and more. This gives them the situational awareness they need to make well-informed decisions, and ultimately, ensure a successful outcome. 

Our range of services includes the following: 

  1. Health checks
  2. Journey mapping
  3. Technology roadmaps
  4. Technology briefings
  5. Workshops
  6. Risk summary report
  7. Assessments
  8. Capacity and cost planning
  9. Reserve instance balancing
  10. Cloud spend optimization
  11. Cloud readiness application assessment
  12. Cost allocation 

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