For over 30 years, Forthright Technology Partners has been a reliable provider of exceptional consulting, engineering, and managed services across various industries. Our team of award-winning engineering professionals is committed to delivering user-centric IT solutions that prioritize your business’s needs.

We believe in a fiduciary culture that puts our clients’ interests first. That’s why we offer a range of customizable services that are tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Whether you need consulting services for strategic initiatives, additional resources for day-to-day operations or new projects, or simply want to focus on your core business, Forthright services have you covered.

We understand that navigating the ever-changing landscape of IT can be challenging. That’s why we are here to make it easy for you.  Our team has the expertise and experience to handle any enterprise grade IT challenges you may face, so you can focus on what you do best – running and growing your business.

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At Forthright, we’re committed to providing IT services that are seamless, intuitive, and highly interactive. We understand that technology is only part of the equation – it’s people that make the difference. That’s why we put a strong emphasis on user experience in everything we do, from our interactions with clients to the day-to-day activities of their employees.

Professional Services:

  • ShareIT: Business Productivity, Collaboration & Process Automation

  • CloudIT: M365 & Azure Migrations, Hosting, & Cost Optimization

  • PlanIT: Consulting & Design Services

  • BuildIT: Engineering Services

  • ProcureIT: Product & Subscriptions from our Technology Partners


Managed Cybersecurity & IT Services:

  • SecureIT: SOC Managed Cybersecurity, Data Protection, & Data Governance Services

  • RunIT: Outsourced Full Stack IT Managed Services

  • ExpandIT: co-Managed IT Tools & Services

  • SupportIT: On-demand Critical Support


More details about our services:


Transform your business with productivity and collaboration solutions that prioritize secure user collaboration, data governance, and business process automation.


Optimize your Microsoft 365 or Azure environment (hybrid or cloud) to improve performance, enhance security, and increase productivity and agility, while managing your costs effectively. Forthright can assist you with planning and executing the migration of your entire data center, specific servers, email, files, data sources, or entire collaboration suites over to Azure and M365 with minimal downtime and disruption.

PlanIT / BuildIT

Access professional services on-demand for advisory, architecture, assessment, and engineering initiatives. We provide the resources, tools, and processes necessary to prepare for, execute on, and successfully complete projects on time while leveraging best practices and three decades of experience.


Guidance and assistance on purchasing and renewing products and subscriptions from our technology partners.  We excel at negotiating multiyear deals with core vendors such as Citrix, Microsoft, IGEL, and Nutanix and delivering the best value for our clients. Our goal is to make sure you receive exclusive offers and that your purchase is thoroughly reviewed to confirm that all necessary components are included in your quote.


Rest assured knowing your information technology environment is safe with enterprise-grade 24×7 SOC managed security services, including the right tools, processes, and guidance to protect your business even while you sleep.


Rely on our team of experts to manage your information technology environment, including monitoring, environment management and maintenance, integrated tools, and support for a flat-rate monthly fee with premium options available depending on your business requirements.


Access curated tools configured per best practices, optimized, automated, and fully documented to fast track your success when managing or co-managing your IT environment.  ExpandIT ensures that the fundamentals are happening so that you can focus on projects and direct user interactions. And if you ever need additional support, our team, who is already familiar with your environment, is readily available to jump in and assist.


Get on-demand support services via our purpose-built SLA-driven incident-based support packages that effectively address cross-platform technical issues, expediting your return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Discover a new level of IT Service with Forthright Technology Partners

Choosing Forthright as your IT partner means you can expect more than just excellent service. We bring integrity and innovative thinking to the table, allowing for continuous improvement and the discovery of new ways to enhance your IT. Our aim is to exceed your expectations and drive business success by sharing our expertise and experience with you.

Experience the difference that a people-focused approach can make. Partner with Forthright Technology Partners and take your IT services to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed. Book a meeting now!