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If you’re searching for a Nutanix support partner, then you know it’s time to assess your IT infrastructure. But before you get started, you’ll want to have an overview and basic understanding of the Nutanix platform to determine if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Information technology is rapidly changing how we conduct business. It seems every industry is going digital in some way, whether it’s expanding retail with a website or implementing a virtual ticketing system. However, your in-house IT department may not have the necessary tools to take advantage of all the opportunities to simplify database operations, eliminate backup silos, and ensure business continuity.

In this short guide, we’ll breakdown the terminology and specifics to look for when you’re searching for a Nutanix support partner.

Nutanix Support Partner

Is Hiring a Nutanix Support Partner the Right Move?

Before you make a move to a virtual environment, think about how a Nutanix partner will benefit your business nationwide. Additionally, it’s essential to know your objectives and understand what you want to achieve, so you can clearly communicate your vision to partners and employees too. And, you’ll ensure a successful transition if you have the right team. You want collaborative partners who commit to your business’s success.

Finally, it’s vital to consider subscription costs and explore the options your Nutanix support partner provides. Keep in mind that you don’t have to choose between in-house and outsourcing. You can work with an outsourced team to expand your in-house IT’s capabilities. Then grow your virtual infrastructure as needed.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure with Nutanix Support

Nutanix uses Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), which combines software that integrates everything from storage and networking to virtualization and security. With HCI, you can connect your current data center, hardware, and local storage. Ultimately, the HCI software will provide the flexibility to help you transform your outdated legacy system to integrated digital technology that can adapt to your company’s changing needs.

These HCI solutions provide control infrastructure through virtual machines (VMs) on each of the gateways (nodes). Nodes receive, distribute, and store digital information throughout the network. The system is scalable to your needs and independent from proprietary hardware, resulting in lower cost, better performance, and an overall increase in productivity.

Some of the things you can accomplish with HCI software include:

  • Build a private cloud
  • Automate IT operations
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Simplify database operations
  • Eliminate backup silos
  • Increase security

What About Transitioning Challenges?

When you consider the transition to HCI, one challenge that you must resolve is how to migrate data to the HCI platform. Also, you may want to keep some legacy infrastructure. That means when you’re searching for a Nutanix support partner, you should make sure to find out if they provide a technical account manager to assist with a transition plan for businesses that want to make a move to a virtual environment.

A professional IT account manager can help determine best practices for virtualization, which means creating a digital or virtual version of a physical item. Virtualization can include things such as operating systems and servers, data storage, and virtual desktops for remote employees.

Among the potential solutions to making the transition from legacy infrastructure to Nutanix is to add a software layer across the two environments so that data between each can replicate directly. After completing the replication to the new platform, you can archive the legacy data.

Virtual Networking and Security

Gartner, the world’s leader in research, predicts that 20 percent of business-critical applications will transition to HCI in 2020. Further research from Mordor Intelligence says that HCI solutions are proving the ideal alternative to public cloud platforms as they make networking easier to manage in a virtual infrastructure. And an HCI such as Nutanix is more cost-effective than legacy systems.

Of course, security is always a consideration when it comes to digital data. Nutanix Flow protects against threats within the virtual environment. When you’re searching for a Nutanix partner for your company nationwide, discuss any security concerns that you have upfront.

They should be able to set you up with Nutanix AHV virtualization that provides easy access and visibility for the network, as well as protection from network threats and malware, among other security breaches. The way they accomplish this is through micro-segmentation, which monitors and governs traffic to ensure that only approved traffic between applications and boundaries is allowed into the network. The traffic may come from one or from multiple VMs.

The bottom line is that you want a Nutanix partner that can help you set up a private cloud solution allowing you to deploy networking and security updates without the need for additional management and maintenance.

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Forthright partners with Nutanix, and a variety of other platforms, to offer personalized and proactive services. We help our clients by providing an experienced technical account manager to assist in planning and advise on the best way to transition your data to the new format. You’ll also find workshops, individual training opportunities, and other value-added features that will ensure your successful transition from legacy to HCI.

We will assess your current infrastructure and make recommendations as well as provide health checks to ensure the system keeps running smoothly. Your account manager will also assist you with journey mapping, cost planning, technology roadmaps, and a risk summary roadmap, to name a few of our services.

If you’re searching for a Nutanix partner across the United States, get n touch with the professionals at Forthright, and let’s talk about how to get started.

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