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BuildIT: A Better Way to Contract IT Consulting Services

Information technology leaders are facing more demands than ever before. They’re constantly challenged to optimize the delivery of applications, improve customer service, decrease time-to-market, and help grow the business – all with limited staff and ever-tightening budgets. Successful initiatives require effective project planning, having the right resources across diverse skill sets, and properly managing those resources. Therefore, it is crucial for modern businesses to align with reliable IT consulting services provider.

More often than not, enterprises look towards staffing firms or full-time consultants to provide additional resources, skill-sets, and availability. Essentially, it’s a quick fix instead of a real solution to the problem and lacks a framework for success.

IT Consulting Services

There’s A Better Way To Contract IT Consulting Services

All of the “extra hands” in the world won’t make a difference if you’re lacking the defined processes, technologies, and leadership necessary to address the challenges you’re facing. Forthright brings an entire team of talented engineers with over two decades of experience to provide exceptional IT Consulting Services for businesses nationwide. We ensure a proprietary framework for success, and a focus on end-user experience.

How the Forthright Engagement Team Unit (ETU) Approach Works

The Forthright Engagement Team Unit (ETU) makes contracting technology services easy and efficient. An ETU is a block of 15 hours that gives you access to all of our professional services resources, processes, and tools – available on-demand as required throughout the project. Billed at a unified rate, ETUs provide the ultimate flexibility and cost-efficiency with no upcharges for after-hours or weekend utilization.

How does the ETU approach give you the results you’re looking for?

  • All-inclusive IT consulting services with access to incident managers, change control managers, client success managers, technical writers, and the tools and processes needed.
  • No upcharge for after hours and/or weekends as the 15 hours per ETU can be used whenever needed with no penalties or hidden fees.
  • Simplified billing with a single blended rate that’s lower than standard T&M contracts – reducing costs per hour by 20%.
  • Flexibility to expand hours as needed despite a minimum purchase requirement of 1 ETU (15 hours). You can purchase more as needed.

ETUs are easy to acquire and consume – giving you all the support, technical skills, and management necessary for success.

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