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A Complete Lineup of IT Support in Miami

In the simplest terms, we provide user-centric IT support and managed IT services in Miami that improve end-user experiences. Instead of putting the devices, applications, and systems at the center of attention, we focus on you – the end-user. After all, nothing matters more than your ability to get stuff done. We strive to:

  • Make your experience working with us phenomenal
  • Ensure every member of our team has extensive experience with technology
  • Make your employees experience working on your systems seamless

How do we help you achieve better end-user experiences? 

Miami IT Support & Managed IT Services

IT Support & Managed IT Services In Miami Second To None

It all starts with meeting your unique needs, whether you need help from time-to-time or you’re ready to outsource everything technology-related. Our clients usually fit into one of three categories:

  1. They need help solving a problem, executing a solution, or supporting their end-users on a day-to-day level.
  2. They need help with strategic decisions because they already have a handle on their day-to-day technology maintenance.
  3. They need help with the tactical and strategic tasks because they want to focus on their business – outsourcing everything technology-related to us.

 Miami IT Services To Address All Client Needs

We offer six IT support services in Miami that are designed and fine-tuned to address each and every unique need of our client:

  • PlanIT: You get the guidance you need to make sure every IT initiative is successful through various services, including health checks, assessments, technology roadmaps, and more.
  • RunIT: You get access to a team of experts who will manage your information technology, including monitoring, maintenance, and support, for a flat-rate monthly fee with various options available depending on your unique needs.
  • BuildIT: You enjoy a better way to contract technology services with engagement team units (ETUs) that give you the resources, tools, and processes necessary to complete projects while being billed at a unified rate.
  • SupportIT: You gain access to our fixIT tickets service via our purpose-built incident-based support packages. We effectively address the issue and expedite your return to normal operations.
  • ExpandIT: You expand the capabilities and reach of your own internal technology support person or team with a customer success manager, technical account manager, and various other value-added resources.
  • SecureIT: You can rest assured knowing your information technology environment is safe with enterprise-grade managed security services, including the right tools, processes, and guidance to protect you.