Making IT Effective In The New Normal

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Effective IT In The New Normal

Technology has undoubtedly become an integral part of the coronavirus pandemic crisis response. Companies are turning to technology to maximize operational resilience and efficiency. Thus, investments in information technology are more likely to increase. Both small and large businesses rely on IT to solve problems and enhance innovation.

In the new normal, companies need to consider allocating IT resources carefully by deploying tools that maximize efficiency. The failure to implement an effective technology strategy that deals with resource allocation amplifies the risk of data breaches, reduced productivity, overspending, and poor service delivery.

The New Normal

Remote Work Trends

According to a survey conducted by Gartner Inc., almost three in four chief financial officers plan to shift on-site personnel to work from home permanently. These moves form part of the new normal as companies adapt to conditions induced by the novel coronavirus pandemic. The decision to turn on-site workers into permanent remote staff is an example of the lasting impact of Covid-19 on business.

Cybercrime is a major concern in the new normal because bad actors are taking advantage of the chaos triggered by the pandemic to exploit vulnerabilities. Criminals are targeting workers in home offices as reduced staff work from company premises. Hackers are compromising data protection by hacking remote work collaboration and communication channels.

Hence, there is a need to work closely with established technology service companies like Forthright Technology Partners in South Florida. IT security experts can help you deploy the best cybersecurity measures and technologies to meet your company’s remote work needs. Additionally, they optimize your collaboration, communication, and productivity tools to maximize efficiency.

Properly setting up home offices boosts productivity and revenue. On the other hand, providing access to the right tools promotes continuity without undermining data protection.

Refocusing Digital Efforts

As both businesses and customers migrate to digital, companies are looking at ways to scale parts of their information technology infrastructure in tandem with the changes. Some firms are launching artificial intelligence and analytics initiatives to improve operations. Meanwhile, IT experts are working tirelessly to implement and optimize new solutions designed to enable remote work and help customers transact digitally.

Experts at Forthright Technology Partners recommend accelerating investments in technology assets. This approach makes it easier to respond to the changing operational needs by strategically streamlining IT capabilities. Leveraging new data and artificial intelligence are additional ways to prepare your organization for the new normal.

When handled correctly, these adjustments can help bolster operational agility and development velocity. In the end, your company can deliver results much faster.

Some companies in China and parts of Europe migrated to e-commerce at an alarming speed, given the market conditions induced by the Covid-19 crisis. They integrate various functions seamlessly, including merchandising, customer support, warehousing, marketing, and other aspects.

Manage Cybersecurity Risk

Securing remote hardware and cloud-based applications is a high priority in the new normal. With an increased number of workers working remotely, you need to prevent disruptions by securing both devices and applications. Security breaches may lead to lengthy downtime, thus compromising productivity and the viability of your business.

To minimize risks associated with remote work, provide employees with secure, company-owned devices. Doing so enables remote workers to set up dedicated workstations, which help reduce security risks and distractions. On-site employees should collaborate with remote staff via secure networks and apps. A combination of virtual private networks (VPN) and Wi-Fi encryption reinforces data protection.

Alternatively, managed IT service providers like Forthright Technology Partners can help you set up a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This approach allows authenticated employees to connect BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) endpoint devices without compromising security. However, the ideal long-term solutions include virtual desktop systems or terminal services.

Streamline IT Solutions

To create a balance between on-site and remote work, you need to invest in the best IT solutions that enhance productivity, communication, security, employee monitoring, and collaboration. With the help of IT experts, you can configure access to applications that handle voice calls, messaging, email, video conferencing, and chat functions.

Forthright Technology Partners configures access to top-tier collaboration and productivity platforms like Microsoft 365, Slack, and G Suite. These apps come with the latest security features, including end-to-end encryption.

Additionally, the vendor can assist your organization with professional cloud services, including data migration and backups. These services play a critical role in the new normal by providing flexibility for your teams. Work at home teams gain access to data via secure, dedicated workstations.

Measure IT Performance

To make information technology more effectively in the new normal, periodically evaluate the performance of your organization’s IT infrastructure. In doing so, you can determine ROI on your investment. One of the essential metrics to consider is uptime since a higher uptime of 99.9 percent enables your team to maximize productivity. It also benefits customers and your company’s overall reputation.

Services Offered by Forthright Technology Partners

Forthright is a premier managed IT services company that has been working with prominent firms for over 20 years. It offers enterprise services and solutions to improve operational efficiency. The vendor has exceptional expertise when it comes to Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware technologies. Many businesses in South Florida and beyond count on Forthright for advisory and technical support services.

The vendor employs the AIM methodology to help clients achieve the desired IT results. Its services include cybersecurity, cloud solutions, help desk, implementation, advisory, and managed services. By taking advantage of Forthright’s advisory services, your organization can implement an effective IT strategy that maximizes productivity, cybersecurity, customer satisfaction, and revenue.

The implementation services are vital to ensuring continuity in the new normal triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. They eliminate the guesswork from optimizing IT systems. The proper implementation allows your firm to enjoy glitch-free operations without worrying about security breaches or downtime. Forthright implements solutions that align with your organization’s strategic objectives.

The team of certified engineers at Forthright provides professional help desk services, covering various technical issues like integration complications, app crashes, and cybersecurity threats. You can rely on the team to provide a cost-effective safety net when dealing with technical problems. They can assist in troubleshooting the sources of software or hardware malfunctions.