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Unlock the potential of Forthright’s Professional Services! Our packages of 15-hour blocks can transform your IT landscape in various ways: Annual Health Checks, Cloud Migration Workshops, Cybersecurity Readiness Reviews, Automation and Workflows, VDI Environment Optimization, Azure Cost Optimization Reviews, or extra resources short-term. Get tailored expertise for your specific IT challenges. Buy 10 blocks, get 1 FREE!
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Today’s IT leaders juggle multiple demands, aiming to optimize applications, improve customer service, and drive business growth within tight budgets. Yet, success relies on strategic planning, diverse skill sets, and cost-effective resource management.

Engaging with IT Professional Services firms can be helpful, but often times firms don’t fully address the requirements for success. Staffing firms focus exclusively on simply supplying resources, with management relegated to the client. Full-service consultants often rely on one multi-skilled resource, or compensate by over-staffing projects in an attempt to make sure all skill-sets are included. So, effectively retaining either of these types of firms can be an exercise in contract negotiations, financial planning, and complicated project management.

For over 30 years, businesses have been lightening their loads and entrusting Forthright to help them achieve their goals. Our Professional Services team provides technical skill and detailed project, change, and incident management expertise – the kind you get only from decades of experience.

What is an ETU?

The Forthright Engagement Team Unit (ETU) makes contracting technology services easy and efficient. An ETU is a block of 15 hours that gives you access to all of our professional services resources, processes, and tools – available on-demand as required throughout the project. Billed at a unified rate, ETUs provide the ultimate flexibility and cost-efficiency for your IT projects.

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Here are just a few examples of how our professional services can elevate your IT initiatives:

  1. Annual Health Checks: Ensure your systems are running at peak performance with our comprehensive health checkups.
  2. Cloud Migration: Seamlessly transition your operations to the cloud with the guidance of our experts.
  3. Cybersecurity Readiness Reviews: Safeguard your infrastructure by identifying vulnerabilities and fortifying your defenses.
  4. Automation and Workflows: Streamline your processes and boost efficiency through custom automation solutions.
  5. Optimizing VDI Environments: Fine-tune your virtual desktop infrastructure for optimal performance and user experience.
  6. Azure Cost Optimization Reviews: Discover strategies to optimize your Azure spending without compromising performance.
  7. Short-term Resource Boost: Need extra hands on deck for a limited period? Our professionals seamlessly integrate with your team.


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Click here to request ETUs via a PO# or to request an official quote.

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