Top 10 Reasons To Outsource Corporate IT Support

Discover how outsourcing your corporate IT support to Forthright Technology Partners is a strategic decision.
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Ten Reasons to Outsource Corporate IT Support Services

The World has experienced rapid developments in technology. A Business has limited options but to adapt and adopt modern technology to remain competitive.

One way of ensuring that a business stays on top is by ensuring that their IT functions are reliable. To achieve this objective, most companies opt to outsource IT corporate support to specialized, Managed IT services providers.

Corporate IT Support

What are Common IT Support Services that Businesses Outsource?

The most common services offered by outsourced corporate IT support include;

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure support
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance of business IT network and infrastructure
  • Data security measures and recovery of lost data
  • Data storage and cloud services
  • Authentication and Access services to ensure only authorized person(s) access corporate information.

Is it a Good Idea to Outsource Corporate IT Support Services?

Outsourcing corporate IT support services has some definite advantages. Here are the top ten reasons why companies chose to outsource IT support services;

Control IT-related Costs

Installing IT infrastructure in-house comes with a massive hit on a company’s balance sheet. Such costs include the costs of the purchase of software and hardware. Other associated costs related to cloud service subscriptions, software licenses, and maintenance costs.

Outsourcing corporate IT support can lessen the IT costs since the business pays only for what it uses. Fixed costs are transformed into variable costs through outsourcing, which is a considerable advantage to the business.

Network Security

Data and network security is a major concern for businesses today. According to Forbes, 4.1 billion records were exposed by hackers in the first half of 2019. The solution to these and other security challenges is through outsourcing corporate IT support.

By outsourcing security support, a business can protect itself from possible threats to its network. Outsourcing helps a company keep up to date with the latest security technology and measures since they have capabilities to safeguard the digital assets of a business from threats.

Sharpen Business Focus

Through task outsourcing, the power of your workforce or team is enhanced. This is most crucial for small businesses that tend to have fewer IT resources and personnel.

Whether small or large, outsourcing IT support allows businesses to concentrate on their core activities. Company staff are engaged in what they are retained to do with little worries over the business IT infrastructure.

Minimize Risks

Due to the dynamic nature of business environments, business investment is exposed to multiple risks. Such risks are associated with ever-changing technology, government regulation, economic conditions, and fast-changing market needs.

By outsourcing corporate IT support, a business ensures that much of the IT-related risks are transferred to the vendor. The vendor bears the risk of regulatory non-compliance due to their knowledge of the compliance landscape.

Other risks such as data storage and security risks are assumed by the IT support services providers who are highly skilled and knowledgeable on the issues.

Competitive Business

Businesses incur huge costs if they decide to install IT infrastructure on their own. These costs are primarily associated with setting up and maintenance of the digital assets.

In the end, these costs are transferred to the end-user. The company’s product becomes less competitive, with the market prices tending to go up to cater to the IT costs.

Outsourcing corporate IT support enhances efficiency since there are fewer costs of maintaining the computer systems and network. The reduced costs translate to competitively priced goods and services, making the business remain competitive in the market.

Reduce Labor Costs

Installing IT infrastructure will require a business to hire and train IT staff to enable the new infrastructure to serve the business as envisaged.

Hiring and training IT employees is costly, with the basic salary of an IT staff estimated to be upwards of $50,000 annually, excluding bonuses. In hard economic times, increasing the business wage bill is the last thing on a business leader’s plans.

Outsourcing corporate IT support will help the business minimizing such avoidable labor costs. By making use of the vendor’s staff and capabilities, a company reduces labor costs while getting the best IT support for its operations.

Better Disaster Recovery

Businesses face numerous disasters that may ground their operations, threaten their survival and competitiveness. Such disasters include natural calamities, industrial relation issues, and cyber-attacks. When disaster strikes, only the business prepared to handle it comes out strong.

Outsourced IT service providers have workable plans in place to help businesses recover from disasters faster and stronger. They possess sophisticated hardware, software, experienced personnel, and efficient data backup systems.

As such, they effortlessly have the ability to retrieve lost data in the post-disaster period helping a business back on its feet within the shortest time.

Attracting Expertise

Retaining the best IT staff is a costly affair that not every business can afford, more so the small and medium businesses. By outsourcing IT support services, a company enjoys the services of technical expertise that a business might require to enhance its operations.

External IT support advises and fixes what your business requires. For instance, your business might need an expert on upcoming digital solutions that your in-house IT team has never worked with.

Expanded Resources

Many businesses are growing weary of the poor integration of their networks. Moreover, businesses, particularly small and medium, do not have the resources to keep up with the market demands or regulatory requirements.

To escape from the cycle, businesses are moving to adopt a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. HCI combines everything from storage to security. By outsourcing corporate IT support, they can enjoy an expanded resource base for a fraction of the costs.

Uninterrupted Work Flow

With the constant digital transformation, a business workflow might suffer as it fails to keep up with the changes. This might affect normal business workflows.

Outsourcing IT support from external service providers will guarantee an uninterrupted workflow. Since they serve many clients, external IT support services invest in the latest technology, such as Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, helping your business keep pace with the latest technological shifts.

Outsourcing corporate IT support services is a path business leaders are having to take. And for good reasons.