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Nutanix Mine With HYCU

Has your data management become a bit complicated in the past few years? No matter how spread out your data is, in however many clouds, there’s a direct way to simplify it and keep it backed up — Nutanix Mine With HYCU.
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Solution Spotlight: Nutanix Mine With HYCU

Has your data management become a bit complicated in the past few years? No matter how spread out your data is, in however many clouds, there’s a direct way to simplify it and keep it backed up — Nutanix Mine With HYCU.

How complicated is your current data backup process?

Just think for a second — to begin, where is your data located? How many different cloud services are running different layers of data backup, and at different intervals? How many different backup solution licenses are you trying to keep track of?

The question you need to ask is: could you simplify your data backup process?

This is precisely what Forthright Technology Partners explored in our August Solutions Spotlight webinar. Check out the full recording to discover how to simplify your data management and backup processes with Nutanix Mine With HYCU:

The Problem: Your Data Management Is Too Complex

A core issue with IT environments today is that they’re becoming more and more complex with each year that passes. The amount of data you manage, access and store keeps growing exponentially. As your business grows, your additional staff members generate and require access to even more data.

This is an easily tracked global trend — the cloud storage market was worth 19.85 billion last year, and will be worth an estimated 297.54 billion by 2027. That’s growth by a factor of more than 15x in less than a decade!

As your data storage and management needs grow, your data backup capabilities will need to keep growing too. This can quickly complicate things, as you add new technologies over the years, new cloud services, and other components to your IT environment, you’re likely to have more than one backup solution.

In fact, 60% of the attendees at our webinar reported having at least three backup solutions — how about you? This degree of complication in your data continuity process will inevitably cause problems:

  • Your data is distributed across cloud, local and hybrid environments, making it likely that some data may not be properly protected or backed up.
  • You’re paying too much, and wasting your time managing multiple backup solution licenses.
  • The complexity of your data management makes it difficult to know if you’re properly protected against ransomware and other forms of cybercrime.

This ever-growing complexity, and the problems that come with it, will eventually leave you with two options:

  • Hire more team members to manage your data and its continuity
  • Simplify your systems with the right solution

It’s your choice — but we’d highly recommend you go with the latter option.

What Is Nutanix Mine With HYCU?

Nutanix re-platforms the enterprise data center, helping you to simplify the conventional 3-tier arrangement onto a single appliance-type model. The bottom line is no matter what hypervisor or cloud you’re using, so long as it’s with compatible hardware, it works with Nutanix, allowing you to benefit from their storage and performance standards.

This offers a range of key advantages for users like you, especially when it comes to management and scaling:

  • 1-Click Upgrades: Managing patches and updates has never been easier. Whether it’s your firmware, BIOS, hypervisor, or the Nutanix acropolis OS, they can all be updated in a single action.
  • Easy Expansion: All you have to do is plug in your new hardware, click “expand infrastructure” and it will automatically expand your CPU capacity and storage.

HYCU was developed specifically for Nutanix, allowing users to maintain the simplicity of a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, and backup their apps and data.

What Does Nutanix Mine With HYCU Mean For You?

  • Simplify Data Management: Stop managing multiple solutions and licenses — consolidate all your data management processes by bringing your hypervisor and clouds together under Nutanix.
  • Scale With Ease: Expanding your data storage and subsequent backup capabilities is as easy as plugging in your new hardware and clicking “expand infrastructure”.
  • Greater Performance Insight: Nutanix Mine With HYCU doesn’t just auto-tier your data to improve your performance — it shows you how you’re performing, and when you’ll need to expand. By gathering intelligence on the way you use, store and access data, Nutanix develops a roadmap to show you when you will need to expand.

Nutanix Mine With HYCU Will Protect Your Data

Together, Nutanix and HYCU allow users to simplify their data management processes and scale their data storage and data backup capabilities as needed. For a detailed walk-through of how Nutanix Mine with HYCU works, be sure to watch the webinar posted above.

If you want to discover what Nutanix Mine with HYCU will do for you, here’s how to get started:

  • Contact the Forthright Technology Partners team and arrange a meeting at a time that works for you.
  • Show us your current IT environment, and the layout of your current data storage.
  • Let us explain how Nutanix Mine with HYCU can simplify your data management and continuity processes.