As many of you are already experiencing, digital transformation can make life better for both employees and IT, opening doors for new ways to work and providing more options for infrastructure and service delivery.

But a more diverse environment can also add IT complexity—lots and lots of it.

Solutions like unified endpoint management (UEM) can help reduce some of that complexity. But the question is, why stop there?

What if you could conceivably manage more than just your various endpoints? What if you could manage everything that lives in your ultra-complex, immensely diverse, increasingly disparate IT environment? And better yet, do it all under a single management plane?

Well, you can. With unified workspace management, you can extend that simplicity and control beyond endpoints to the entire digital workspace.

More of the benefits. Less of the complexity.

Unified workspace management delivers the benefits of the aforementioned digital transformation without many of those nagging complexities. Users can access everything they need to get their work done without having to worry about the technical implications of the apps, content, devices, locations, or networks.

Everything just works.

And for IT? They are unleashed to create, secure, and manage digital workspaces, no matter where or how their people work, or how the various services are delivered.

Best of all, as your dynamic environment continues to evolve, this holistic approach also enables you to grow and adapt more easily. That’s because the single management plane keeps everything simple for employees and IT alike. It gives you a single point of control across every part of your digital workspace and includes:

  • A simple way to manage every type of device that people use (UEM)
  • A simple way to manage each type of app, no matter how it’s delivered
  • Access to content, wherever it’s stored
  • Identity management across every app and service
  • Every part of your hybrid cloud and on-premises infrastructure
  • Every network, whether public or private

The reality is, enabling your digital transformation doesn’t have to come at a high cost of complexity. To learn more about how unified workspace management can give employees the experience they expect while also simplifying IT management, download our white paper, “Think beyond UEM to accelerate your digital transformation journey” today.

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