On April 26th, Forthright hosted a VIP Movie Screening of Avengers End Game for local IT professionals. But the latest Marvel film wasn’t the only movie premiering that day! As usual for these type of events at Forthright, the Sales & Marketing team – under the creative direction of Carl Gersh – premiered another original Forthright production entitled “ITvengers: The Fantastic Forthright.” It starred some of Forthright team and featured technology solutions of sponsoring partners Citrix, IGEL and Nutanix.

Synopsis: Half the population in the universe has been turned to dust at the snap of Thano’s fingers. How will the Avengers continue operations with a shell of an IT department?

Luckily the ITvengers: The Fantastic Forthright are here with an arsenal of technology solutions to help the superhero team do more with less. Watch and find out how Mr. Forthright, Captain Citrix, the Uncanny Nutanix, and the Incredible IGEL come up with a plan to save the day!

Watch it now: https://vimeo.com/332769853

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