Forthright’s BuildIT Quickstart for Citrix Virtual Apps &
Desktops (CVAD)

Quickstart Citrix CVAD deployment bundle starting at $7,500!

Forthright’s BuildIT Quickstart bundle for CVAD at a fi xed fee with options to
customize to best meet your unique business needs. 

This Quickstart is targeted to businesses that are embracing the cloud by leveraging Citrix to deliver applications via VDI. The CVAD Quickstart provides your business and its employees an enterprise-level inoffice and remote work experience that is both robust and highly secure.

Forthright will deploy a unified workspace via a secure Windows virtual desktop delivering controlled access to applications and data anytime and anywhere via Citrix Cloud.

With single sign-on Citrix Secure Browser and by accessing all desktop, web and SaaS applications from your Workspace, your users will expose far fewer passwords for hackers to exploit while also keeping your data secure from browser-based attacks.

Our Quickstart deployment includes advanced security controls to automatically restrict activities like copying, pasting, printing, and downloading any time the risk of data exfiltration is high.

Citrix Cloud enables remote work solutions that empower companies to securely deliver access to the applications and data people need so they can be as productive as possible no matter where they work or which devices they use.

With the typical VPN-based remote access from multiple locations and endpoint devices, inconsistent security policies and fragmented access can be a big challenge.   Forthright helps you deploy a comprehensive digital workspace solution that integrates all your resources – Windows, web, SaaS, data and locally installed apps – with security and productivity tools.

Forthright Quickstarts for Citrix deployments implement with an open architecture supporting any public cloud or hypervisor and the largest library of peripherals.  With a cloud-ready workspace to monitor and manage risk across vendors, it’s remarkably effective to keep data secure.  And, when Citrix Content Collaboration is utilized, your users will have fast, reliable & secure access to apps and data no matter where it’s stored.

CVAD Quickstart Details:

  • SaaS and installed applications delivered via a secure VDI session with limited or no existing infrastructure.
  • Designed specifically for the following Citrix products:
    • Citrix Virtual Apps Advanced service
    • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Advanced service
    • Citrix Workspace Premium Plus (adds SaaS security)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Secure Workspace Access & Secure Browser are included as deployment options in Azure and come with build documentation.
  • MFA is deployed with Azure AD and includes configuration for supporting single-sign on and multi-factor to Citrix Workspace.
  • Azure subscription is configured and deployed with a new Active Directory instance. Does not include Active Directory deployment outside of configured Azure subscription.
  • VDI desktop images are deployed leveraging FSLogix for profile management.
  • VDI image also includes optimized applications delivered via published apps and/or virtual desktops. Standard image includes Office Suite (if customer is entitled), Teams, OneDrive, Citrix, Adobe Reader, Chrome, and Edge Enterprise.
  • Includes 10 professional services hours to assist with the following:
    • Data migration services
    • Advanced Policy Configuration
    • Deployment of additional applications
    • Integration with existing client domain name
    • User Provisioning and on-boarding support
    • Deployment of NAT Gateway for Application white-listing
    • Knowledge Transfer sessions
Professional Services hours expire upon 60 days of project kickoff. Rates are only guaranteed within
60 days of issue date. Price is subject to change. Updated 12/20/2021

Estimated monthly fees:

Azure hosted Secure CORE Infrastructure $ 540
Azure hosted Secure Windows Desktop per image $ 85
Managed & Compliant endpoint firewall protection suite for each Azure image $ 35
Quickstart administrative SupportIT package $ 1,750

Additional Deployment Options via ETUs for CVAD Quickstart

Quickstart BuildIT. ETU special $3,825 (15% off $4,500 MSRP)

For additional services not included in your Quickstart package, a Forthright ETU* (Engagement Team Unit) is a block of 15 on-demand professional services hours that draws from all Forthright Professional Services resources, processes, and tools. Every Forthright ETU is delivered with unlimited project enablement and forgoes up-charges for after hours and/or weekend utilization, ensuring clients maximize their investment without staffing an army of contractors.  Quickstart ETU discount only valid within 60 days from project execution date.

  • Citrix Content Collaboration Services
  • Citrix Security Analytics
  • Citrix SD-WAN
  • Tag Along Collaborative Build
  • Adding applications or troubleshooting/remediation existing infrastructure
  • Custom Runbooks; Best Practice Monitoring & Alerting Guide
  • SecureIT Managed Endpoint Firewall Protection Suite for AZURE Images (advanced)
  • Services
  • Citrix Session Recording
  • On-prem ADC for HDX Proxying
  • Citrix Content Collaboration Services (base)
  • Citrix ADM (Application Delivery Management) Services
  • Deployment of Secure, Flexible, Centrally Managed, & Optimized Endpoints Utilizing Thinkiosk or IGEL’s UMS.
For a description of these options, click here.