Additional Deployment Options via ETUs

Quickstart BuildIT. ETU special $3,825 (15% off $4,500 MSRP)

For additional services not included in your Quickstart package, a Forthright ETU* (Engagement Team Unit) is a block of 15 on-demand professional services hours that draws from all Forthright Professional Services resources, processes, and tools. Every Forthright ETU is delivered with unlimited project enablement and forgoes up-charges for after hours and/or weekend utilization, ensuring clients maximize their investment without staffing an army of contractors.  Quickstart ETU discount only valid within 60 days from project execution date.

Citrix Content Collaboration Services

Citrix Content Collaboration is a file sharing and document collaboration solution that empowers teams to optimize workflows, speed up approvals and even gather electronic signatures—all within a secure unified workspace where enterprise-grade controls ensure compliance and keep intellectual property protected.  Workflows and API integration options are also available. (Available for Workspace, CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Citrix Security Analytics

Gain actionable insights you need to detect and prevent security threats such as ransomware and Data Loss Prevention by scoring User behavior with analytics for proactive security insights.  Security Analytics is recommended when you need to prevent the loss of intellectual property and/or you do not have security controls in place to protect against ransomware.   & (Available for Workspace, CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix SD-WAN provides a secure, high performance, always-available WAN Edge solution that ensures an exceptional experience and seamless business continuity.  With so many SaaS subscriptions in use today, keeping people connected to high-performing voice, video, and graphics-intensive apps can present some challenges.  With Citrix SD-WAN, it’s possible to provide consistent connectivity. This turnkey solution provides fast on-ramps to leading public cloud services so you can set up direct connections to any apps running in popular IaaS and PaaS clouds such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. Specialized Quality of Service (QoS) controls seek the best path for each app, and traffic is redirected with millisecond fail-over to ensure consistently fast performance. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Tag Along Collaborative Build
($1,500 fee + ETU consumption)

If you want to maximize your knowledge transfer and participate in the build and deployment, Tag Along services delivered a collaborative process during the build and deployment process where we work with you to deploy allowing you to drive for many parts of this project while shadowing your screen providing guidance along the way. Only available for customer’s with qualified IT staff. (Available for Workspace, CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Adding applications or troubleshooting/remediation existing infrastructure

Remediation services for existing environments where performance, reliability, functionality,  or security concerns exist at the start of the Quickstart deployment or are discovered during your deployment.  Our Professional Services team provides technical skill and detailed project, change, and incident management expertise – the kind you get only from decades of experience. (Available for Workspace, CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Custom Runbooks; Best Practice Monitoring & Alerting Guide

Tell us about your monitoring platform and internal Change Processes and we will build a custom Runbook for your organization. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

SecureIT Managed Endpoint Firewall Protection Suite for AZURE Images (advanced)

Delivered per workstation or server targeted for Compliance requirements. Fully managed and includes setting up automated deployment, zero-trust configuration and troubleshooting, integrating with Microsoft 365 for user authentication, firewall rule management, etc. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Citrix WEM (Workstation Environment Management) Services

Workspace Environment Management service uses intelligent resource management and Profile Management technologies to deliver the best possible performance, desktop logon, and application response times for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Citrix Session Recording

Powerful activity monitoring. Session Recording captures and archives screen updates, including mouse activity and the visible output of keystrokes in secured video recordings to provide a record of activity for specific users, applications, and servers.

Session Recording is not designed or intended to contribute to the collection of evidence for legal proceedings. Citrix recommends that organizations using Session Recording use other techniques for evidence collection, such as conventional video records combined with traditional text-based eDiscovery tools. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

On-prem ADC for HDX Proxying

Internal deployments when your level of customization or other requirements requires an on-prem deployment of an ADC providing users with secure remote access to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops without using the Cloud Gateway service. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Citrix ADM (Application Delivery Management) Services

You can use this cloud solution to manage, monitor, and troubleshoot the entire global application delivery infrastructure from a single, unified, and centralized cloud-based console.   Citrix ADM service provides all the capabilities required to quickly set up, deploy, and manage application delivery in Citrix ADC deployments and with rich analytics of application health, performance, and security.

Ideal for Multi-Site Management – Single Pane of Glass for instances across Multi-Site data centers. With the Citrix ADM service, you can manage and monitor Citrix ADCs that are in various types of deployments. You have one-stop management for Citrix ADCs deployed on-premises and in the cloud. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)

Deployment of Secure, Flexible, Centrally managed, & optimized endpoints utilizing Thinkiosk or IGEL’s UMS

IGEL’s UMS is a single management solution for endpoints running IGEL OS. Extremely easy to use and purpose-built to simplify complex enterprise environments, the UMS is compliments IGEL OS endpoints and significantly reduces endpoint management costs. This simple, smart and secure management software lets IT easily manage any remote endpoint from a single console.

ThinKiosk is a Windows-based, software-defined, scalable PC to thin client conversion solution that delivers a unified end-user experience. It turns your existing Windows PCs into secure, centrally managed Windows-based thin clients, dramatically reducing hardware and management costs, while also improving the end-user experience. (Available for CVAD, CVAD+ Quickstarts)