Workspace Quickstart SOW

Workspace Quickstart SOW V1.0 11/1/2021 This SOW (as defined below) is proprietary to Forthright (as defined below) and contains confidential information. It may not be disclosed, in whole or in part, to a third party without the express written authorization of Forthright. No portion of this SOW may be duplicated or used for any purpose […]
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Workspace Quickstart SOW

V1.0 11/1/2021

This SOW (as defined below) is proprietary to Forthright (as defined below) and contains confidential information. It may not be disclosed, in whole or in part, to a third party without the express written authorization of Forthright. No portion of this SOW may be duplicated or used for any purpose other than to receive Services or Deliverables (each as defined below) from Forthright described herein.


This Statement of Work (“SOW”) is made pursuant to the Master Services Agreement V2.1 Dated 02/18/2022 (“Agreement”) located at made effective with the execution of this SOW by and between a business entity defined in a proposal that references the Agreement (“COMPANY”), for the use and benefit of itself and its Affiliates, and Forthright Technology Partners, Inc., a Florida corporation, with offices at 2893 Executive Park Drive, Suite 204, Weston FL 33331 (“Consultant” or “Forthright”). For purposes of this SOW, the term “Affiliate” means any entity or person that is directly or indirectly controlling, controlled by, or under common control with a party hereto. The terms and conditions of the Agreement are hereby incorporated herein by reference.

If not executed, Forthright reserves the right to expire this SOW according to the expiration date of the accompanying quote or, if unspecified, thirty (30) days from the date this SOW was issued.


Forthright will provide professional services required to deploy a new Citrix deployment for COMPANY on Citrix Cloud. The goal of the engagement is to provide a seamless deployment experience to Citrix Cloud.

Forthright will deploy a unified Workspace via a secure Workspace portal delivering controlled access to SaaS applications & data anytime and anywhere via Citrix Cloud. With single sign-on, Citrix Secure Browser and by accessing all Cloud Data, web and SaaS applications from your Workspace, your users will expose far fewer passwords for hackers to exploit while also keeping your data secure from browser-based attacks. Our Quickstart deployment includes advanced security controls, to automatically restrict activities such as copying, pasting, printing, and downloading any time the risk of data exfiltration is high.

Deploying new technology can be complicated with many variables & dependencies to consider. This Quickstart package takes into consideration the core decisions and most critical components required to successfully deploy Citrix Cloud. Using best practices and a security first approach, Forthright offers a standardized deployment bundle at a fixed cost to ensure your project is successful. This Quickstart deployment is designed to meet the requirements for most Clients.

The Quickstart service will include a core deployment of Citrix Cloud delivering a robust and reliable Citrix Cloud environment. Forthright will work with the existing COMPANY staff to conduct a review of the configuration and documentation of the core infrastructure assets and ensure that the environment is prepared for production use. The Quickstart program consists of the following offerings:

FORTHRIGHT will deploy a Citrix digital workspace solution targeted at empowering COMPANY to Securely deliver SaaS apps, Web Apps, and data, users need to be as productive as possible regardless of where they work or which devices they use.


The engagement will consist of the activities described below. Activities not listed are considered out of scope.

3.1 Readiness Phase

  • Kickoff session with COMPANY and Forthright team to align expectations and validate success criteria’s
  • Determine targeted user base and expected cutover date(s)
  • Determine and define a suitable Citrix-ready on-premise environment (If necessary)
  • Review details provided by COMPANY to Forthright pertaining to how and if the following requirements need to be addressed:
    1. Azure AD Integration with MFA or Active Directory
    2. Citrix Cloud Workspace Authentication & MFA
    3. File Storage platforms
    4. SaaS & Web based Application deployments
    5. Peripheral and Printing policies
    6. Session and user policies

3.2 Deployment Phase

Forthright will deploy and optimize Citrix Workspace Cloud Services using Forthright and vendor recommended best practices. The solution will be implemented for a single COMPANY with the following tasks performed:

Services provided for Workspace QuickStarts: (Fixed fee of $3,500)

  • Deploy authentication via Azure AD including configuration for supporting single-sign on and multi-factor to Citrix Workspace.
  • Deployment of Citrix Workspace & Secure Browser when required.
    1. Create new Policy Objects based on Citrix and Forthright’s recommended practices with customer specific settings
    2. Define Security and user requirements as required
    3. Add and configure user accounts specified by COMPANY
  • Setup new or update Citrix Cloud Tenant
    1. Deploy up to one (1) resource location
    2. Deploy Citrix Workspace with Standard AD Authentication
    3. Configure Citrix baseline policies
    4. Configure Cloud based file share integration.
    5. Deploy & configure up to five SaaS-based applications selected from the following link: html
  • Provide requested professional Services (up to 5 hours) to assist with the following as needed:
    1. Data migration services
    2. Advanced Policy Configuration
    3. Deployment of additional applications
    4. Integration with existing client domain name
    5. User Provisioning and on-boarding support
    6. Deployment of NAT Gateway for Advanced Security Policies
    7. Knowledge Transfer sessions.
  • Perform 1 week of functional and Pilot testing with up to five (5) total test users
    1. Manage and troubleshoot issues and perform Optimization as required.
    2. Produce environment build documentation
    3. Provide 7 days of Post Cut Over support to the designated Admin.

3.3 Out of Scope

Pursuant to Section 3, any service not specifically mentioned in SOW is not provided as part of SOW. For clarity and emphasis, the following items are out of scope for this SOW. Unless otherwise specified in 3.4 – special provisions, services rendered under this agreement do not include:

  • The deployment of any optional services or functionality not specifically selected in Section 3.2
  • Installation and configuration of custom or third-party applications and operating systems on client workstations.
  • Deployment of unsupported or End of Life Operating Systems or Applications.
  • On-going operating system administration including the operating system itself or any operating system features or components.
  • Management of change to virtual machines, operating systems, custom or third-party applications, databases, and administration of general network changes within COMPANY control.
  • Remediation work associated with any problems resulting from information accuracy or the consistency of any data and materials supplied by COMPANY.
  • Remediation work resulting from the content, completeness, accuracy, and consistency of any data, materials, or information supplied by COMPANY.
  • Data migration of client-side data, or the managing of any failed data migration outside of any included professional Service hours in the purchased Quickstart package.
  • Managing and providing go live direct end user support
  • Deployment of VPN’s or mapping to remote file systems outside of any included professional Service hours in the purchased Quickstart package.
  • The cost of any software, licensing or software renewal or upgrade fees of any kind.
  • The cost of any third-party vendor or manufacturer support or incident fees of any kind.
  • Service and repair made necessary by the alteration or modification of equipment, software, or services other than that authorized by Forthright, including alterations, software installations or modifications of equipment made by COMPANY’s employees or anyone other than Forthright.
  • Required remediation work associated with pre-existing Active Directory problems. If remediation work is required, Forthright will provide COMPANY with an estimate of service fees required and a recommended scope of work to be performed.

3.4 Special Provisions

  • Professional Services hours may be utilized upon request for the following:
    1. 3rd Party Application Support – Forthright will provide “best effort” in getting 3rd Party vendor issues resolved in a timely manner.
    2. Vendor Management – Forthright will assist the COMPANY in dealing with admin issues related to communications vendors and Forthright such as ISP’s, telecom, or Hosting providers that impact the COMPANIES overall network operations.


4.1 Phase 1: Initiate

Forthright performs one (1) project kickoff meeting with COMPANY project sponsors and stakeholders to review expectations about the purpose of the engagement, the delivery approach, and estimated timelines. The following are the objectives of the meeting:

  • Introducing the Forthright team, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Describing the project goals, phases, and key dates.
  • Agreeing on communication and reporting process and creating a communications plan.
  • Validating the project expectations and clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • Confirming prerequisites are met as detailed in the solution checklist for specified solutions.
  • Presenting the solution overview for specified solutions including expected project results and deliverables .
  • The Forthright Project Manager and the COMPANY designated project owner collaborate to develop the project plan.


  • Communications plan
  • One (1) project kickoff meeting
  • Project Plan Overview

4.2 Phase 2: Execute

The key activities for this phase are organized in the following sub-phases:

  • Readiness Phase
  • Deployment Phase


  • Summary Report of build with Documentation
  • Knowledge transfer session(s)

4.3 Phase 3: Close

The Forthright Project Manager conducts one (1) closure meeting with COMPANY covering project status, next steps, and how to engage further with Forthright.


  • Engagement summary presentation
  • One (1) closure meeting
  • Any documentation, artifacts, or materials obtained by Forthright as part of this engagement
  • Transition of processes and responsibilities back to the COMPANY.
  • Passwords for relevant admin\test accounts are provided.


5.1 Requirements

The participation of the following COMPANY stakeholders is required for the services in this SOW to be performed:

  • Project Manager or Key Stakeholder
  • System / User Authentication Admin
  • Cloud or on Prem Administrator
  • Azure Administrator
  • O365 Administrator
  • Citrix Org Administrator

COMPANY must provide and have the required licensing and / or subscriptions for Microsoft, Citrix, & any deployed applications for this SOW.

5.2 Project Staffing

SOW will require, and Forthright will provide, the following skillsets:

Role Involvement
Project Manager Part Time
Citrix Administrator Full Time

Resources listed above as part time will be called in when evaluating the technology in which they specialize.

5.3 Estimated Schedule

This SOW is estimated to be completed no later than five (5) weeks from the start date. Forthright will provide services according to a schedule agreed to by both parties. Once the deposit has been received, Forthright will schedule your kickoff meeting within two (2) weeks. Quickstarts can be implemented and ready for production in as little as one to three weeks from your kickoff meeting assuming there are no backlogs which can add minor delays.

The start date of SOW will depend on the following:

  • Date the project deposit was received.
  • Scheduled availability of Forthright Project Resources
  • Receipt of Product(s) and necessary equipment or subscriptions
  • Receipt of completed project readiness checklist which provides:
    1. Access to COMPANY resources such as:
      • COMPANY technical resource contact information
      • Required Licenses
      • Network access
      • Admin access to SaaS or Web applications
      • Domain Admin
      • Domain name for deployment
      • User list and defined group membership.

5.4 Cancellations or Changes to Schedule

Forthright will work with COMPANY to assign resources based on the mutually agreed timeline and schedule for the SOW. Forthright will commit consulting resources based on the established schedule, as such COMPANY is required to provide a minimum of 2 business days’ notice for any non-emergency unplanned changes or cancellations to the schedule previously agreed upon. Should COMPANY fail to provide the adequate notice, Forthright, at its discretion, may bill COMPANY:

  • 4 hours at the established rack hourly rate of $275/hour as compensation for time and expenses incurred in preparation for the rescheduled or canceled services
  • 80% of the affected hours that were originally scheduled prior to the change or cancellation.

5.5 Change Management

In order to manage unexpected scope changes Forthright will perform the following Change Management procedure:

  • Discuss, confirm need, and request from COMPANY for additional work.
  • Document and communicate additional tasks and deliverables associated with the scope change.
  • Estimate the work effort associated with the additional tasks and deliverables.
  • Based on the work effort estimate, determine the impact on schedule and budget, including contingency.
  • Any change to the scope specified within this document will be documented and approved by COMPANY.
  • If the scope change does not require additional project budget, then Forthright will document any changes to project scope and/or deliverables in the form of a Scope Change Addendum. This will need to be signed-off by COMPANY prior to proceeding with the engagement under the new or modified Project Scope.
  • If the scope change requires additional project budget, a SOW addendum or new SOW will need to be drafted and attached to a COMPANY Change Authorization prior to any additional work commencing.


6.1 General Assumptions

The following are the general assumptions for the engagement. Should COMPANY not be able to meet these assumptions, Forthright may not be able to complete some or all of the activities defined within the ‘Project Scope’ and ‘Project Activities’ within the SOW fee structure. Accordingly, COMPANY would need to purchase additional hours in order to complete the project. Forthright will notify COMPANY of any potential risks to project completion and/or SOW budget in the form of a Project Risk Memorandum, which will detail all risks, recommendations for mitigation, and next steps:

  • COMPANY will ensure that the appropriate functional and technical resource(s) will be available throughout the engagement for technical discussions, build/configuration assistance, knowledge transfer, status meetings, questions, and requests.
  • The appropriate COMPANY resources will be available to cover the topics detailed in the ‘Project Scope’ section of this document.
  • COMPANY resources will be part of the project team and will be available throughout the project.
  • All required hardware, software and necessary licenses will be set up, configured and operational in the target environment.
  • Status reports to COMPANY are limited to a weekly interval.
  • COMPANY will appoint an individual as the designated COMPANY Project Owner
  • Project estimates assume that once the project has started it will continue without interruption (excluding Holidays) unless agreed upon by both Forthright and COMPANY.
  • All Services will be provided during Normal business hours unless otherwise stated in this Statement of Work. Normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5pm local time.

6.2 Service Delivery Assumptions

During the Initiate phase, it will be the responsibility of the Forthright Project Manager assigned to the engagement to work with the COMPANY and determine the best approach to deliver the services for the engagement. Depending on the Forthright Project Manager’s assessment of the COMPANY’s readiness, resource availability and taking into consideration several other factors, the engagement will be executed by:

  • Full Time Virtual Engagement. Forthright will assign a team of offsite (remote) consultants to complete the engagement on a full-time schedule.
  • Flexible Schedule Virtual Engagement. For virtual engagements that will be executed under a flexible schedule Forthright will:
    1. Assign a dedicated Project Manager and Project Lead.
    2. Assign additional project resources to complete project tasks as needed.
    3. Schedule virtual work sessions between COMPANY and Forthright virtual teams as far in advance as possible for dates/times that are agreeable to the COMPANY. Virtual sessions will be scheduled during regular business hours (unless otherwise specified) and will be at minimum 1 hour in length with AM and PM sessions as options. Time within this session will be used for:
      • Virtual working sessions with the COMPANY.
      • Documentation, including Design document, diagrams, status reporting and emails documenting recommendations and action items.
      • Work done on internal labs to validate recommended configurations.
      • Internal sessions with Architecture team to validate and do QA of recommendations/documentation

The following are the service delivery assumptions for the engagement:

  • COMPANY will provide Forthright with the name of a primary and backup project contact prior the official kickoff meeting.
  • COMPANY must have executed the proposal or Quote prior to Forthright setting of the project start date which will be a maximum of two weeks from date SOW is executed. The start date will be set based on team and skills availability.
  • If any assumptions are not met within a reasonable amount of time prior to the project or phase start dates, the start dates may be delayed. Any delay may result in project timelines being extended and additional effort from Forthright. This additional effort may trigger the Change Management process as previously outlined. Any changes in the start date initiated by the COMPANY may result in a significant delay to the project start.
  • If a working session, request, or assigned Client task is not responded to within 5 business days of receiving a reminder notification, the project will automatically be placed on hold. When projects are placed on hold, the technical resources are assigned new tasks to work on unrelated to your project. It may require up to 2 weeks before resources can be assigned, and the resources assigned may not be the same that started the project.

6.3 Project Assumptions

The following are the project assumptions for the engagement:

  • Only support for one (1) Active Directory domain within one (1) Active Directory forest will be included as part of this engagement, unless otherwise specified.
  • Forthright will provide COMPANY with Admin access of the new deployment at the end of the project during the hand off meeting.
  • Citrix subscriptions will start at the start of the project. COMPANY understands that project delays will cause additional client costs as the subscriptions are active, paid for but not driving value. As an example, if the project is delayed by a month, the month of subscriptions will be lost assuming the subscription period has started.
  • Forthright will follow COMPANY-defined change procedures where applicable.
  • Admin access will be provided by COMPANY with application list for all deployed applications.
  • COMPANY has reliable topology, bandwidth, and services in place, as it pertains to the project.
  • COMPANY is properly licensed or is prepared to purchase and/or properly license products involved with the project.
  • COMPANY will inform Forthright of any technology (e.g., spam filters, firewalls, etc.) which may interfere with the project.
  • COMPANY will provide responses to questions and requests in manner that will not delay the project outcome or timeline (e.g., Resetting authentication or access to current services when required).
  • COMPANY will provide Forthright access to the production environment with appropriate role privileges to carry out the deployment tasks, including, but not limited to:
    1. Administrator access to source server(s), Services, and/ or Subscriptions required.
    2. Network
    3. Desktops
    4. Third-Party hardware/software that may impact the project
    5. Public DNS provider
  • FORTHRIGHT may refuse the deployment or support of any application of software where the COMPANY does not maintain an active and valid support agreement and agrees to facilitate access to that support resource if requested.
  • COMPANY will be responsible for handling end-user support, with unique problem instances being escalated to Forthright for troubleshooting.
  • COMPANY will be responsible for communicating with COMPANY end users to ensure they perform any required actions in a timely manner.
  • COMPANY will be responsible for any Installation and uninstallation of client-side applications including the preparation of the user’s desktop, migration of client-side data, or the managing of any failed user migration in post cutover.
  • COMPANY will provide self-service / Helpdesk documentation to facilitate users registering for MFA
  • COMPANY will manage and provide go live support for end users.


7.1 Price

Forthright proposes to provide the Services and Deliverables for a fixed price of $3,500 for a Citrix Workspace Quickstart. The pricing in this SOW is valid for thirty (30) days after issuance of this SOW.

COMPANY will pay all invoices in accordance with the Agreement. Forthright will issue invoices in accordance with the payment schedule specified in the SOW. Remit payment to:

Forthright Technology Partners, Inc.
2893 Executive Park Drive Suite 204
Weston FL 33331
Electronic payments (ACH) :
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Account#: 8320256634
Routing #: 267084131
Phase / Milestone / Deliverable Price
Invoiced upon execution of SOW –
50% of agreed upon Quickstart fees
Balance due upon the completion of Phase 3: CLOSE $1,750.00
Total Project Price Workspace QuickStart

7.2 Acceptance of Milestones, Phases, or Deliverables

Upon Forthright’s completion of a Milestone or Phase performed, Forthright shall notify COMPANY Project Manager. COMPANY has five (5) working days from the completion of the Milestone, Phase, or Deliverable to accept the work as being complete. Signing off, or COMPANY’s failure to respond to the notice within the designated five (5) working day period, signifies COMPANY’s acceptance of the Milestone, Phase, or Deliverable and that Services have been performed as described in accordance with the SOW. In order to refuse acceptance of the Services, COMPANY must provide Forthright with full details that show that Services do not conform to the SOW. Forthright shall address such non-conformance shall compile an action plan to remediate any deficiencies. The acceptance process shall be repeated until all deficiencies have been resolved and the Services meet the requirements of the SOW.


Forthright agrees to provide the services described in this SOW provided COMPANY accepts this SOW, without modification, by signing the space below within 30 days from the effective date.

COMPANY represents that their execution of this SOW is a binding commitment to purchase the Services described herein and is subject to Forthright’s Master Services Agreement V2.0 Dated 09/08/2021 located at