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Turn your “fat client” endpoints into lean, mean “fit clients”, purpose-built for today’s digital workspaces with IGEL! It’s a simple, smart, and secure way to connect to Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, and/or Amazon Workspaces.

Supporting a vast array of remote display protocols and technology integrations with over 100 partners, IGEL OS, the next-gen edge OS for digital and cloud workspaces, is purpose-built for enterprise access to virtual environments.

Secure and Simple to Manage

Built on a highly secure Linux distribution to strengthen your enterprise against malware, IGEL OS can run on any compatible x86-64 device to help protect your hardware investments and keep them secure.


Get Your Endpoints In Shape with IGEL

We are the champions of simple, smart, secure, work-from-anywhere technology. We make working from home fast, while staying secure and productive with zero fuss.


Accessing your cloud workspace is as easy as plugging-in a USB and rebooting. And IT teams can centrally deploy, manage and troubleshoot endpoints across the Internet – reducing support tickets by up to 95%.


Work from home on your favorite device – desktop or laptop, PC or Mac. IGEL turns any x86 device into a cloud-workspace ready endpoint. No need to spend a fortune on new hardware.


IGEL OS offers the ultimate in endpoint security, reducing vulnerabilities and enabling constant security without constant updates.


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