Webinar: Ask The End-User Computing Experts

Our latest webinar offered an interactive Q&A period for attendees, giving them access to helpful advice from EUC experts.
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Webinar: Ask The EUC Experts

Our latest webinar offered an interactive Q&A period for attendees, giving them access to helpful advice from EUC experts.

With so many end-users working remotely, administrators have never had so many endpoints to deal with. Managing an extended network of remote workplaces and users isn’t as easy as overseeing everyone in the same office building.

That’s why optimized End-User Computing (EUC) solutions are so important. However, with robust solutions, business users often have a question or two about how best to deploy them, keep them secure, and more.

That’s why Forthright Technology Partners recently hosted a Q&A webinar, giving attendees the opportunity to pose their most pressing EUC questions to a panel of experts. Check out the full webinar here:

Webinar Attendees Get Their Questions Answered

Hosted by Matt McKinnon, Enterprise Sales Manager, Forthright, the webinar gave attendees the chance to ask a panel of EUC experts any question about their IT environment or technology solution.

The Experts Panel included:

  • Steve Zoberg, Chief Operating Officer, Forthright
  • Robert Pate, Systems Architect, Forthright
  • Alan Harrylal, Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer, Forthright
  • Chris Walker, Systems Engineer, Liquidware
  • Chris Feeney, Channel Presales Engineer, IGEL
  • Christian Watson, Partner Solutions Engineer, Citrix

Over the course of the webinar, the panel of experts fielded questions on a range of EUC-related topics, from improving softphone audio quality to more effectively managing a highly distributed workforce.

Have Questions About Your EUC Solutions And Processes?

Forthright is here to help. We provide a specially developed RunIT service, which is a user-based approach to support that, above all else, helps your end-users get work done. At the end of the day, IT should be a well-maintained and capable tool for the users, making them more productive and efficient.

For expert assistance with your next EUC project, we also offer a consulting service, BuildIT. Modeled around our Engagement Team Units (ETU), BuildIT delivers 15 hours blocks of comprehensive project and consulting services. These units provide on-demand access to our extensive range of professional services resources, processes, and tools, all at a unified rate.

If you have questions about the way your business uses EUC solutions, our team can get you the answers you’re looking for. Contact the Forthright Technology Partners team and arrange a meeting at a time that works for you.