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Forthright provides exceptional technology solutions through premium consulting teams, engineering and managed services from the industry's most talented engineers.

What our Clients have to say


Our clients trust us and so can you. Here are the top reasons companies want to work with Forthright.

  1. Award winning engineering teams

    We don’t deploy individuals, we deploy engineering pods. These pods consist of teams of highly skilled engineers, led by a dedicated Project Manager, that routinely work together as one unit. Customers benefit by consistently receiving exceptional service from a team that is always in unison. These pods can be leveraged for new projects or anytime internal teams don’t have enough resources to take on a new initiative. Our pods step in and become an extension of your staff, focusing on exceeding your expectations.

  2. We ensure IT and business alignment

    To properly ensure IT remains aligned with the business, we focus on feedback from the business units, IT units and the end users. Having input from all three sources, allows for a realistic outcome where the proper criteria for success and project priorities have been defined and validated. We want to be sure that requirements from any individual unit does not impede on the success criteria of the others. Establishing consolidated priories allows for critical decision points to be made during this process for optimal results.

  3. We have a holistic approach

    No technology lives on its own. The successful implementation of any specific technology or project relies solely on understanding all dependencies. Forthright’s end-to-end approach ensures that our clients don’t have to worry about what is missing for any given project. For example, ignoring the mapping of storage, networking, security, and other requirements to an existing infrastructure or planned purchase is a recipe for failure. The process of understanding and addressing additional requirements outside of the core technologies is paramount.

  4. We address all single-points of failure

    IT technologies typically function within an ecosystem made up of other technologies and products. Most solutions are impacted by several dependencies that directly affect overall performance and uptime. These dependencies are often related to technology but can also be existing business processes, policies, or even external factors that can impact any project. Our customers understand that Forthright’s proven process leaves no stone unturned. They count on our thoroughness and absolute determination to uncover and identify all dependencies and risk factors. Once properly documented, our customers and the Forthright team can begin to discuss how each will be addressed.

  5. We mitigate risk

    Once identified, mitigating actual risks can be difficult. Some take the approach to fail over to a backup data center for any type of failure. Forthright takes a holistic approach to each risk understanding the specifics of each point of failure. That allows for a different strategy when dealing with failure. Forthright’s goal is to maintain the systems at the preferred or primary data center at all times. When components do fail, we architect the solution to route around the failed component keeping the remaining functional components operating at the primary location as desired by our customer.

  6. We take responsibility

    Forthright takes responsibility by offering fixed-fee projects that are paid upon milestone completion. No one likes to be nickel-and-dimed. Non fixed-fee projects are usual strapped with un-budgeted additional charges due to underestimating the requirements of a project. Forthright’s AIM methodology sets the client up for success and provides the required information to deliver fixed-fee implementation projects.  The whole point of leveraging a third party is to mitigate risk and allow them to take responsibility and accountability for the project.