Wireless Site Surveys

Forthright Technology Partners assists corporations across the United States by providing wireless site surveys and network services.
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Wireless Site Surveys

Today, data traffic from mobile devices grows exponentially, with WiFi predicted to carry more than 50 percent of IP traffic by the end of 2021. For organizations that do not invest in wireless technology to boost their bandwidth, security, and coverage, this is terrible news. However, there is a silver lining that wireless site surveys will help you to quickly establish where your business stands in terms of connectivity and how far you should go to fulfill your data access needs.


Why You Need A Wireless Site Survey

If your WiFi fails to deliver adequate service, it could spell disaster for your business. First, it can harm your employees’ ability to complete their tasks. It could also give an unfavorable impression to your customers and any visitors to your office.

Setting up for accessibility and cybersecurity can bring about many hidden costs that you unprepared for. The initial step toward addressing the deficiencies in your connectivity is carrying out a wireless site survey which will help to uncover areas of concern.

What Does A WiFi Survey Involve?

A WiFi survey is an assessment of your organization’s capacity to not only provide connectivity and identify any issues like digital dead zones, channel interference, or other obstructions to your service.
Our technicians perform WiFi surveys to offer you an all-inclusive reconciliation of your initial WiFi implementation, including changes that could have occurred in the interim. The survey includes the installation of additional systems or putting up new infrastructure to boost your WiFi signal.

The Benefits of a WiFi Site Survey for Your business

These are the benefits you will enjoy when you do a WiFi site survey for your business:

  • Assessment of indirect costs and potential lowering losses
  • Adjusting the bandwidth and network performance in line with your requirements
  • Enhancing your data security to mitigate current and your future risks

With a comprehensive site survey, we help you to address the above areas of exposure which affect your network.

Forthright Technology Partners offers two types of site survey

Predictive WiFi Site Survey

A predictive WiFi network survey uses advanced software solutions to model your current environment to create a range of wireless heat maps. A predictive survey helps you to determine what you need for deployment of a high-performance WLAN and approximate the setup cost.

We typically load your building floor plan into our predictive site survey software so we can develop the design of your wireless network.

One of the key advantages of a predictive site survey is its significantly lower cost compared to a traditional onsite WiFi survey. It also takes less time to complete.

We have the tools and extensive experience in setting up large-scale wireless systems, which makes our predictive analysis highly accurate, even without having to visit your site. With our predictive assessments, you can account for square footage, building materials, the expected number of users on the network, antenna models, types of data applications, and many other variables. This plan gives you a reliable and accurate WiFi plan for your facility or site.

Our years of experience deploying data solutions in a range of environments design makes us uniquely qualified to make adjustments to your wireless system. Some of the settings we have designed solutions for include:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Major Airports
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

A predictive WiFi survey is vital if you have an out of date WLAN design (more than four years old) and you need a complete refresh of your network. You may also have had a new building constructed for your business, or maybe redesigned the lobby of your office.

WiFi is continually changing and dynamic. For any of the scenarios above, we will carry out a predictive site survey that will establish the appropriate capacity and coverage you need for changing business needs.
On the other side of the connectivity spectrum, you could be looking to set up a wireless network for your site for the first time. In this case, we can also carry out your predictive WiFi survey as the first step in the process.

Active WiFi Site Survey

We also carry out active WiFi surveys of your existing infrastructure. We do this by connecting our surveying devices to your network and recording signal measurements to analyze the performance of your connection.

Our active WiFi surveys will help you troubleshoot problems on your network and maximize its performance for complex functions that roam from one access point to another or need low latency. Such functions include:

  • Wireless VoIP
  • Wireless Video Surveillance
  • Multimedia over Wireless
  • Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • IPTV
  • Complex Data Applications

During our active data surveys, we connect to your wireless network and have applications that generate simulated traffic to your system. This traffic helps to measure several metrics, including your throughput rates.

With an active WiFi survey, you can accurately assess the performance characteristics and coverage of each type of client device. If you have access points that feature smart antenna systems or Transmit Beamforming, then you must perform an active survey to optimize your network.

At Forthright Technology Partners, we ensure that our active WiFi site surveys do not capture information from overlapping neighboring wireless installations that could cause interference.

Getting Started With a Wireless Site Survey

If you need to update an older wireless network design, or deploying your WiFi for the first time, or you need to find out why your existing system is not performing as expected, you must carry out a wireless site survey.

Wireless networks are highly complex, and it requires plenty of skill and experience to get the design of your WiFi project right. Starting with a wireless site survey by Forthright Technology Partners will ensure that you end up with a highly optimized WiFi network to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Are you ready to schedule a wireless site survey, or have some questions about the setup of your WiFi network? Contact us today to get started.