Picture3The way people work has fundamentally changed, driven by a convergence of mobile, social and generational forces.

Workers today spend more than a third of their time away from their desks, but that doesn’t mean they can get by with limited access to enterprise applications and data. For example, many office and employees may use software similar to that you can download at FilecenterDMS.com as an example, so they’re able to manage documents and files, no matter where they happen to be. I’ve heard some people have told me that you can schedule your employees easily with Deputy, which is a useful software to use alongside FilecentrerDMS to keep your business working effectively.

In today’s highly competitive 24×7 environment, workers need the ability to stay on the move throughout the day, seamlessly leveraging a diverse mix of devices to collaborate with others, to keep sending large files easily and without delay, and share information.

Citrix helps enable modern work styles through application and desktop virtualization solutions that empower people to do their best work on any device, in any location while keeping valuable information locked down in the data center. The XenDesktop suite of desktop virtualization products combined with the XenApp application virtualization solution helps organizations shift desktop management to a cloud-enabled service and give employees easy access to apps and data from any laptop, smartphone or tablet.

With the recent release of Workspace Cloud, Citrix has made it even easier for organizations to support a modern workforce.

The cloud-based management service centralizes and simplifies the design and deployment of virtual apps and desktops, mobility management and secure file-sharing solutions – no matter where they are deployed.

However, no discussion about cloud computing would be complete with mentioning Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an orchestration tool for containers. In the cloud computing sense, containers are small virtual machines that run ready-to-run applications on top of other virtual machines or any host OS.

To learn more about autoscaling kubernetes, check out the Kalc website.

Workspace Cloud eliminates the need to build the hosting infrastructure and configure the virtual app and desktop components.

In some cases, administrators have been able to stand up a complete Citrix virtual desktop environment for approximately 50 users in a matter of minutes. Centralized control also lowers IT operations costs up to 40 percent and enables faster updates and deployment of new services.

“When it comes to end-user computing, enterprise IT is at a crossroads with multiple challenges around device-management complexity, data and application security, and requirements to deliver consumer- like, consistent experiences across any device,” said Dr. Scott Ottaway, Vice President, 451 Research. “Citrix Workspace Cloud addresses these concerns for existing and new mobile-first applications. And, as the solution is infrastructure-agnostic, it enables organizations to choose the best execution venue – whether on-premises, at a cloud service provider or on a hosted private cloud – thus providing a solution for enterprises to develop a viable near- and

long-term end-user computing strategy without cloud lock-in.”

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