BindTuning is a passionate team that’s helping thousands of businesses improve intranet adoption, spark creativity, and improve collaboration. Unleash extraordinary productivity with secure, compliant, and efficient enterprise-grade provisioning, governance and lifecycle management. Made for the enterprise – simplify scalability, ensure brand alignment, and speed up onboarding with preconfigured templates and dynamic workspaces that follow best practices, dramatically impacting engagement and usage of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. Microsoft 365 done right.


Level Up to a Modern Intranet and Accelerate the transition to virtual operations that empower and simplify information sharing between departments and staff.


Unified Intranet Experience

Create inclusive, on-brand intranet exclusively for your business that fosters connectivity, communication, and engagement.

Get functional and visually appealing department sites that are intuitive, attractive, and updated in a few clicks. Create the one place all employees go to get information, calendars, directories, helpful resources, and company news.

Success Story: Learn about how a Florida healthcare center created an intranet that modernized internal communication and transformed company culture by empowering their workforce and communicating with patients more efficiently. READ THE CASE STUDY



Central Hub for Employees

Drive employees to one location for all their applications, data, company directories, and files for their department.


Go-To Spot for Information

Use your employee hub for dispersing company information & updates, managing forms, and accessing training resources.


Easy to Maintain

Once your Intranet is set up, it is easy for department heads to maintain with no technical resources needed.


The One Platform All Employees Will Use to Start Their Day

Once set up, the intranet becomes a self-sustaining system. Department heads can independently maintain data, apps, and files specific to their departments, ensuring streamlined workflows. A maintenance-free, comprehensive company-wide directory is accessible through the hub. This directory streamlines communication and collaboration, ensuring employees can easily connect with one another across the organization.

We enable efficient management of document workflows within the intranet hub. Whether it’s employee manuals or HR requests, our solution simplifies document processes, enhances accessibility, and improves overall efficiency.


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