What underlying technology is remote desktop access using?

This solution is based on Citrix Cloud running on Microsoft Azure Cloud services.

How is this deployed securely? Do you need access to our environment?

You will receive a simple deployment guide and onboarding support from Forthright. The basic components are the deployment of an agent on one of your servers. This cloud connector agent becomes the secure gateway between the end user, Citrix Cloud, and their desktop. We will also assist you in automating the deployment of a VDA (Virtual Desktop Access) to each end users’ desktop.

How do users connect?

Users will login at least once to their PC after the VDA has been deployed so the PC is automatically tagged to the user account. After that, they simply go to the company web portal and login to launch their personal desktop. To start a session, the user connects either through Citrix Receiver, which is installed on the user’s device or launched via the Web site. The user selects the assigned desktop that is needed to initiate the connection.

How do users connect?

Is this solution secure once a user begins their session?

Communication between user devices and desktops is secured through Citrix SecureICA encryption. Data, applications, and desktops are stored behind the firewall of the secure network, so the only thing the end user transmits is user-device inputs and outputs, such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, audio, and screen updates. By maintaining these resources in a data center and in your branch offices behind your firewalls, Remote PC access offers a significantly more secure remote access solution than using the typical SSL VPN.

Are all the licenses I need to connect to a remote physical desktop included in the monthly service price?

Yes, all licenses are included in the cost of this service. Your minimum 20% user load is billed at the start of each month and the actual usage is billed at the end of each month via a true up process.

Can Forthright help me deploy this in my existing Citrix on prem or Cloud environment?

Forthright can help you by providing deployment assistance and post support services. A 60 hour T&M minimum commitment is required (starting at $3,000 ).

What licensing options do I have if I deploy this in my existing Citrix on prem or Cloud Environment?

Option 1: Pay as you go monthly, licensing subscription from Forthright with a 25 seat minimum @ $20 per user per month.

Option 2: Purchase a 1 year subscription from Forthright. Device/User ($150 per user)/Concurrent ($250 per user)

Option 3: Request a quote from Forthright for perpetual Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Platinum or Workspace premium Licensing with a MSRP of $550 per concurrent user

What’s the difference between pay as you go and a 1 year subscription option?

Pay as you go is a month to month agreement. You can scale up or down monthly and you are billed only for your actual use based on unique user logins each month.

Subscription licensing expires in 1 year, is prepaid up front, and you must estimate how many seats you will burst to and purchase that amount. If you need to increase your user count during the year, the start date resets to the latest purchase date. Subscription licenses are only for on-prem deployments, not upgradable and are purchased up front.

If I deploy this in my existing Citrix on prem or Cloud Environment, can I also purchase end user connectivity support?

Yes, but due to several variables inherent in any private deployment please call for a custom quote.

What happens if the end user powers off their work computer?

Remote PC Access supports Wake on LAN for on-prem deployments. This feature gives users the ability to turn on physical PCs remotely. It also enables remote access when a machine has been turned off inadvertently, such as during weather events or accidental shutdowns. Wake on LAN is not supported with Remote PC Access in Citrix Cloud.

What happens to the screen when a user is connected to an office PC from a remote location?

When a remote session connects, the office PC’s monitor appears as blank.