Our Advisory group provides the following services:

  • User Experience Analysis
  • Health Checks
  • Application Analyses
  • Advisory suite – (Assessment, Prototyping, and Design services)


Synergy Advisory Services

These services are extremely valuable if your IT department lacks resources, time, expertise in these areas, or you would like an unbiased, qualified third party opinion to facilitate success with your next strategic initiative. In addition to providing valuable insight from a financial, regulatory, security, and legal perspective, our Advisory Services can be leveraged to provide guidance and fill knowledge gaps in the planning and management of complex IT projects. 

Synergy Advisory Services Workstream
Data Collection

Situational awareness is one of the key starting points in any project; from understanding the stakeholder’s goals, to a high level view of all the components and their pain points. During data collection, technical, business, regulatory and legal requirements are gathered. During this phase, we lay out the groundwork for the execution of the rest of the work stream.

Health Check

There are three reasons one would require a Health Check: You are either planning a migration or upgrade, want to optimize your existing environment, or you want an unbiased third party assessment of your current environment.

In order to know how to get to your final destination, you need to know where to begin. Forthright performs a thorough analysis of the existing IT environment and creates a roadmap for any remediation tasks necessary to achieve project goals. 

To ensure the client's environment is meeting expectations, the Health Check tests the current environment against Forthright and vendor best practices, providing a quantifiable score on the status of the environment.

Data Validation

The assumptions and perceptions that derail most IT projects, result in loose ends. Through extensive analysis, Forthright can validate requirements, drivers, priorities and risk factors, including dependencies, as well as mitigation strategies for each risk factor. We do so by providing a Validation document that defines all critical data points, and requires key stakeholder signatures to proceed further. This allows us to establish accountability with specific, fact-based criteria for success with accurate timelines and project costs. This enables Forthright to put together a vision of what the environment could look like, but requires a prototype to confirm.

Data Analysis

Complex, application-driven IT solutions require comprehensive analysis. Forthright will take inventory of your applications, monitor their performance, and learn about specific use cases, roles and end user activity. By placing your applications under a microscope and learning the DNA of each of them, we can identify and document their specific requirements, compatibility challenges and deployment risks.

During this stage, we identify the components of your solution and build a model of the proposed concept. But Forthright doesn’t just build and implement, we conduct an exhaustive review of the prototype. This makes it possible to verify that the prototype meets or exceeds all system and regulatory requirements and ensures that the environment can be quickly scaled in a predictable manner. Leveraging the outcome of the prototype and understanding the quantifiable user consensus of that experience allows Forthright to document the “why” of the proposed solution and its reasons for success.

Architect the Solution

Based upon the analysis of all data gathered throughout the process, Forthright produces a detailed design, which includes a design priority ranking, along with over 20 requirement types, external dependencies, schematics, and a granular, documented plan for implementation. Our clients can choose to take this information and self-implement or leverage our fixed-fee proposed implementation services.

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