In 1992, we founded a company with a vision of delivering information technology solutions.  It was an interesting time as personal computers were proliferating and the computing and networking needs of business was growing across all industries. Companies sought a solution provider who could understand the various technologies, determine how they could work together, and build systems and networks that would enable them to grow and prosper. We named our new company, Synergy.

Today, we’re recognized as a leader in delivering enterprise technology solutions and the trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest organizations. We’ve assisted over 200 clients, deploying solutions across 3,000 worksites, in 26 countries, and enabling over 400,000 end users to gain enhanced productivity via our solutions.

As we look forward to the future, we realized that we needed a brand that better articulated the identity of the firm today – one that emphasized the values that we bring to every relationship – from employees, to vendor partners, to our customers.

In speaking with each of these groups, one consistent message emerged. Our stakeholders entrust us, because of our honesty and dedication, to always conduct ourselves with the highest level of professional integrity – honoring our commitments regardless of cost or circumstance – and holding their interests above our own.

With this sentiment in mind, we are very excited to share with you the changing of our company name from Synergy Development Consulting to Forthright Technology Partners.

Synergy is now Forthright

Our new corporate identity is the only aspect that has changed; corporate ownership, federal and state IDs, address, and phone numbers all remain the same.   

We are very excited about this new era in the company’s development, but rest assured that this new brand was designed as an acknowledgement of the existing values of trust, honor, and integrity upon which we have built our reputation. You have always counted on us to be your forthright technology partner and we look forward to contributing to your growth and success in the years to come.